What A Confident Woman Brings To The Table In A Relationship

Confidence is one of the sexiest attributes a woman can have. There is something about a self-assured woman that commands a strong, healthy relationship with a good, high-value man. She knows her worth and stands firm in what she has to offer.

She’s not afraid to tell you what’s on her mind. She has found that sweet spot within the communication spectrum where she knows how to be honest without being overly aggressive. With a confident woman, you’ll always know where she stands on a particular topic.

She is supportive.
This type of woman is going to stand behind her man through all the ups and downs and twists and turns of life. She will be there to help him achieve his goals and encourage him towards success because she considers the relationship a team. Strong women stand up for themselves but stronger women stand up for others.

Strong boundaries.
A confident woman knows the importance of setting firm, healthy boundaries. A man will never be unsure of what she will or won’t tolerate. She will make it clear of what lines are not to be crossed.

She knows what she wants.
A woman who knows what she wants is a woman

who gets what she wants. She is sure of her choices and decisions so you can be certain she won’t hesitate or keep people waiting.

This woman isn’t going to be needy or codependent. She’s not interested in taking a man’s money or using him for his resources since she’s got her own. She works hard and pays her own bills because she knows that what grown ass adults are supposed to do.

She keeps the relationship on its toes.
A confident woman refuses to allow her

relationship to become stagnant or boring. She’ll always be doing her part in keeping things new and exciting. She makes it her business to help maintain a strong, healthy connection with her partner.

She exudes a positive energy.
This woman understands the importance of a positive energy and a victorious mindset. She takes charge over her happiness and knows that positive thinking combined with positive actions leads to a successful relationship.

She knows her strengths and weaknesses.
A confident woman knows how to utilize her natural skills and talents in different areas of her life. She isn’t shy about showing what she is good at but she’s also not afraid to admit her flaws and work to improve in the areas where she is not as strong in.

Great sex.
She’s confident in her body and her sexual prowess. She knows how to communicate her needs and desires in the bedroom. She’s also willing to please and up for trying new things with her partner.


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— Ash Pariseau

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Comments 20

  • There’s nothing cooler than having an attractive, intelligent, confident, self-sufficient woman, a woman that needs absolutely nothing from you, look you in the eye and say,

    “I want you,,,,”

    and then going on to prove it. Nothing is more flattering.

  • The only things on your list that are sexy to men are her exuding positive energy and her ability to have great sex.

    The rest of it is not confidence. It’s bitchiness, power hunger, and control freak. It sets up the relationship for constant conflict and power struggles.

    It’s also the typical woman projecting what she finds attractive in men, and therefore believing that men will find those same projected attributes attractive in her.


    • Deti, maybe you interpret most of these things as bitchiness and control freakish but there are plenty of men who won’t.

      • And the men who won’t interpret those things as bitchiness and control freakish are low value men who you can walk all over and mistreat.

      • No. They’re men who will let you do whatever you want to them. They’re low value men.

      • Men who think that the items you listed in your OP are “sexy” and “attractive” are low value men, doormats, who will let you walk all over them and will let you do pretty much whatever you want to them.

      • The items on that list are fine things. They’re just not things that decent men find sexually attractive. If anything, they’re mostly things that cause women to contend with their men, fight with them, and battle with them for dominance and control in the relationship.

      • Women love making these r types of stories. Think about this how many women has the writer dated? Most likely none if she is straight or whatever the new term is. These types of women always think they are writing based upon what [would] want instead of what [we] men want! They try to ram all of this new age feminist propaganda down everyone’s throat and when women find out the truth their shocked. Modern women have NO idea how men think or what we want, Because they dont ask or even care to ask. We men are supposed to adjust to what the women want.

        Its like this foolish body positivity movement. Women who work out hard and have nice bodies are being replace on health and fitness magazines with fat , obese or plus (Lizzo) Mens magazines dont do this because men know a healthy body is a fit body. We don’t celebrate being overweight and giving out prizes just for showing up.

        I high value man who has worked all his life to reach the top is no supposed to accept a fat woman,but a fat woman does not want a fat man. Make this make sense.

        • I write based on what I know and what has lead to to the most success with men.

          I’ve asked many men what they want in a woman. Their answers are all their own, but it doesn’t mean a woman has to conform to them all.

    • A man might not be sexually attracted to these things but they will be, or at least should be, appreciative of them.

  • Another thing, Ash:

    I remember you from commenting at Rollo’s place for a while, and when you were a HUSsy at Giggles’ now defunct place. You didn’t get it then and you still don’t get it.

  • Long time reader here! Showed this list to my husband and he agrees. We’re happily married, fit as ever in our 30s, & the sex is awesome. He’s thrilled I’m not a needy wife. Perhaps some upset men should have vetted their (ex) wives a bit better prior to marriage? *shrug*

    • Hey there KSM, if you are still following, thank you for your reply, even though it has been a while. I’m glad things are going well for you and your husband.

      I think if men vetted their ex wives properly, they wouldn’t be in such a bitter state they are in today.

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