No-bs relationship advice for women

Actress Mae West was once quoted, “A dame that knows the ropes isn’t likely to get tied up.”

In other words, if a woman knows her way around a given situation, then she is more likely to stay out of trouble.

This community is for the modern dame who wants to learn the ropes when it comes to dating, relationships, and understanding men.

The content here will aim to reveal truth and reality in social and gender dynamics – to help you think independently, define boundaries, set appropriate standards, own your worth without apology, and help you achieve quality relationships with quality men.

The Dame Behind The Blog

My name is Ash Pariseau. I’m an American professional writer with focus on dating and relationships. I’m currently in the process of earning my credentials as a certified relationship coach and consultant through an ICF accredited training program (summer/fall 2021).

I’ve written for many different digital and print publications, including Thought Catalog, HuffPost, Evie Magazine, and others.

I have been a blogger and virtual assistant for UK’s premier matchmaker Siobhan Copland of Cupid In The City, serving London and NYC.

Currently I’m the Relationships Editor for Hope Magazine, which is both a digital and print lifestyle magazine for women.

Fun Facts

I like to play with fire. Aside from writing, I’m a fire and LED performer. I’m proficient with hoop, fans, poi, staff, and levitation wand.

I’m a classic (INTJ) introvert. However, I occasionally like to push myself out of my comfort zone to be more socially present for things that are really important to me.

Want to get involved?

Leave your two cents on posts and get in on the discussion.

Constructive criticism and debates are welcome, however I’d like to keep things civilized. With that in mind feel free to participate in the comments section. I won’t bite, unless it’s called for.

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Enjoy, friends.

– Ash Pariseau