November 22, 2022
angry woman

15 Complaints Modern Women Have About Dating and Men in 2022

I asked women what their biggest frustrations and complaints are in dating and relationships, and this is what they had to say.  It’s always a goal of mine to continue learning as much as I can about the struggles (and the triumphs) of modern women. This helps me keep a

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Should Women Be More Selfish Mothers?

While doing some searching around when I was writing the post on career vs motherhood, I came across something interesting. I debated about putting this on that post, but decided this could be it’s own topic entirely. Clinical psychologist Jordan Peterson is known for speaking his mind on various subject

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Top 5 Reasons Why Men Lose Interest

Unfortunately, most of us have been faced with this at some point or another. You’re seeing this guy and it appears that things are going great. Then out of nowhere he drops off and tells you he’s not feeling it anymore, and that is if he has the spine to

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Career vs Motherhood: Is Remote Work A Happy Medium?

Is remote work and digital entrepreneurship a middle ground approach in the cross between being a career woman vs being a mom?  I was recently inspired by a story from a woman I’ve worked with in the life coaching space, and it got me thinking about this topic. Krista Kathleen

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