July 20, 2024

This Is What The Hell Happened To Going Out On Dates

“Situationships are easier to come by, while relationships are way harder. What the hell has happened?” A while back, contributor Caylie Jane raised the question on Thought Catalog, “What The Hell Happened To Going Out On Dates?” She states, “I’m racking my brain as to why the hell the world

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Katharine Hepburn
Inner Work

How To Know When A Woman Is Actually Independent

  [I originally posted this for Thought Catalog, thought it would be a good fit.] There have been quite a few articles published on Thought Catalog lately about the topic of independent women. These posts mostly talk about things like why men should date an independent woman, why women should refuse

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Relationship Management

Reader Mailbag: Unreliable Boyfriend

I am a member on a forum that frequently discusses relationships, and one day last week I got a private message from another member. This woman gave me permission to post her question here as long as I didn’t use her identity. I’ve been seeing this guy for four months.

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