June 18, 2024
Inner Work

Love Me, Love Me Not – The Silent Battle of Relationship Anxiety

Ever felt like your heart’s playing ping-pong with your brain when it comes to relationships? Welcome to the club! Relationship anxiety is the uninvited guest at the party, whispering doubts and fears into the ears of otherwise happy couples. It’s more common than you think. Most of us have been

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BS Alert

How Passport Bros Are Falling Prey to Fatal Romance Scams

Passport bros claim they’re escaping a western dating scene filled with selfishness and manipulation, as they jet off overseas looking for something better and more traditional. But what’s actually happening is often a very different story.  I stumbled upon one such story in Evie magazine. Minnesota’s own comedian, Tou Ger

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Why Focusing on Height Might Be Selling Your Love Life Short

Fun fact — only about 14.5% of men in the U.S. are 6 feet or taller. And yet, so many women stroll into the dating scene with their 6-foot minimum height requirement tucked securely in their list of non-negotiables. They dream of that tall, dark, and handsome man who’ll sweep

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3 Reasons Why You Should NEVER Reveal Your Body Count to a Man

In today’s world, where personal secrets are often an open book, there’s one chapter women are constantly pressured to read aloud – their sexual history. The ‘body count’ debate isn’t just a hot topic. It’s a full-blown crusade, steeped in judgment and rife with double standards. Far from being a

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Love or Luxury? The Price of Dating a High Earner

Who doesn’t get a little starry eyed at the thought of dating someone who can whisk you away on spontaneous weekend getaways, shower you with lavish gifts, and ensure that the finest things in life are just a reservation away? The allure of dating a high earner is as old

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