March 1, 2024

Sex is Strategic, and So Should You Be

When hookup culture seems as common as dodging potholes on the road to romance, there’s a glaring mismatch in the emotional wish lists of men and women. Jamie Callan doesn’t mince words in “Hooking Up or Holding Out: The Smart Girl’s Guide to Driving Men Crazy and/or Finding True Love.”

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Revolutionizing Relationship Wellness With Clarity

Funny how the online world connects us, right? There I was, a mere face and voice poking my nose in a particular YouTube video, and who knew that it would catch the sharp eye of Lisa Fei? Our first connection over that video is a hilarious story for another time,

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Does Your Body Count Matter in a Relationship?

By now, many of us have heard conversations around “body count” which refers to the number of sexual partners one has had. Discussing your sexual history can be a delicate subject, and recent data from Pew Research Center (2020) indicates that societal views on sex and relationships are evolving. Interestingly,

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The Dame

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