November 23, 2022

First Date Nerves: 3 Reminders For Shaking Them Off

If you are anything like most women, then you probably get nervous before your first date with a new guy. You might become nearly obsessive about what to wear and what to say. This is completely normal. In the past, I used to get really shy and high strung around

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Love & Romance

Betty White’s Best Quotes on Love, Sex, and Relationships

America’s Golden Girl Betty White was one of the most talented, comedic, and prolific dames of her time. She was also among the most beloved and respected entertainers in Hollywood history. I originally had the idea to publish this piece to celebrate her 100th birthday back in January. As we

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Ask Ash: Can on/off relationships work out in the end?
Ask Ash

Ask Ash: Can on/off relationships work?

Upon rebooting the blog for 2022, I created a feature I’m calling Ask Ash, which you will see linked in the main menu bar. From that page, you can anonymously submit a dating and relationship question that will get sent to me and I’ll answer it briefly here in a

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Relationship Management

10 Mistakes to Avoid After a Breakup

Breakups are difficult, and they often come with feelings of hurt, confusion, sadness and anger. These emotions can easily bring out our worst behavior that might seem like a good idea in the heat of the moment, but in reality result in unfavorable outcomes. This is exactly why it’s important

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Why Men Are Drawn To Rebellious Women

  It appears that many people assume men are attracted to submissive and traditional women who fall in line and play by the rules, but it turns out that assumption is quite untrue. Matthew Hornsey, a University of Queensland psychologist, has conducted the research to prove it. “Nonconformity is more

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Relationship Management

10 Signs He’s Interested In A Long Term Relationship

  Many women struggle to figure guys out, especially during those first few “dating stage” months. They aren’t sure exactly what he wants or what his intentions are. Does he wants to be in a relationship or is he just trying to keep it casual? I have spent a lot

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