July 20, 2024

Love or Luxury? The Price of Dating a High Earner

Who doesn’t get a little starry eyed at the thought of dating someone who can whisk you away on spontaneous weekend getaways, shower you with lavish gifts, and ensure that the finest things in life are just a reservation away? The allure of dating a high earner is as old

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Sex is Strategic, and So Should You Be

When hookup culture seems as common as dodging potholes on the road to romance, there’s a glaring mismatch in the emotional wish lists of men and women. Jamie Callan doesn’t mince words in “Hooking Up or Holding Out: The Smart Girl’s Guide to Driving Men Crazy and/or Finding True Love.”

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Revolutionizing Relationship Wellness With Clarity

Funny how the online world connects us, right? There I was, a mere face and voice poking my nose in a particular YouTube video, and who knew that it would catch the sharp eye of Lisa Fei? Our first connection over that video is a hilarious story for another time,

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The Dame

Ash Pariseau. Writer, thinker. Certified relationship consultant. I help women cut through the bs and become valued in relationships with quality men.



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