June 18, 2022
Only You Can Complete You
Inner Work

Only You Can Complete You

One of the most nauseating myths I see in old fashioned dating and relationship advice is about finding someone who completes you. I see this often, and mostly from younger women who regularly share mushy, feel good sentiments through social media. “Fall for someone who completes you. ♡ ♥?❤?” “When

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Sexual Frequency And Happiness

Sexual Frequency & Happiness

Sexual frequency and happiness; it is common to wonder how much sex other people are having compared to how much you are having with your partner.  When you hear a friend talking about their sexual frequency, you begin to question if the amount of sex you are having is the “normal”

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no bullshit
Understanding Men

Why Some Men Have A Problem With Women Over 30

The other night, I was watching Iliza Shlesinger’s Unveiled, her newest and fifth stand-up special on Netflix. I love Iliza because she’s creative and hilarious, and she knows how to project a sense of empowerment for women without a trashing the entire male gender. She even says it. “You can be

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Covid Couple
Relationship Management

Keeping Your Relationship Solid Through Quarantine

Wow. These are some crazy times, aren’t they? All this going on with Coronavirus is certainly not how most of us had anticipated the first half of 2020 to go, but here we are. While it is extremely important that we all stay home as much as possible and slow

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