Andrew Tate’s Marriage Reversal: Can a Tiger Really Change Its Stripes?

Candace Owens (Left) Andrew Tate (Right) [Image courtesy: @ReachMorpheuss on Twitter]

Andrew Tate is a the self-proclaimed life guru, social media firestarter, and the man who’s never met a controversy he didn’t like. Just when you thought you had him all figured out, he goes and does something that leaves us all scratching our heads.

In a recent chat with Candace Owens—another figure who knows a thing or two about ruffling feathers—Tate did something rather, shall we say, out of character. He suggested that he might be open to the idea of marriage. This is the same man who once treated matrimony like it was a four-letter word is now contemplating a walk down the aisle. Shocking? Intriguing? Or just plain laughable? Take your pick.

So, what’s the real story here? Is Andrew Tate actually evolving, or is this just another ego stroking, feel good line of bs in the ongoing saga that is his life?

The Candance Owens Interview: A Surprising Turn

So, you might have heard by now that Andrew Tate recently sat down with Candace Owens for a candid conversation, all while under the cloud of an ongoing human-trafficking investigation involving him and his brother. In this particular one-on-one, Tate did something he rarely does: he got sentimental. About marriage, no less!

In the interview, Owens, ever the provocateur, asked Tate point blank if he was interested in tying the knot. And what did our man Tate do? He actually entertained the idea. He admitted that age, love and faith could be making him a convert to Team Matrimony.

Now, if you thought the internet would let this slide without a peep, you clearly don’t know the internet—or Andrew Tate. On one end, you had the Tate fanboys, who are now probably contemplating proposing to their girlfriends because, well, if Tate says it’s cool, it must be, right?

But let’s not forget that the naysayers were also quick to pounce, questioning whether Tate’s sudden change of heart was as genuine as a three-dollar bill. One viewer even said, “Tate literally did the ‘Now that I’ve had my fun, I’m ready to settle down’ routine.” Ouch, but also… fair point?

Tate’s Take on Marriage

Andrew Tate is not your run-of-the-mill influencer or self help guru. He’s a man of many hats: entrepreneur, social media sensation, and four-time world kickboxing champion. Impressive? Sure. Controversial? You bet.

Tate has a knack for saying things that make people either want to high-five him or throw their device out the window. He’s been called everything from a genius to a misogynist, often in the same sentence. And let’s be honest, he seems to relish the divisiveness he creates.

Now, when it comes to relationships and marriage, Tate’s previous stance was about as romantic as a prenup. He’s been vocal about the “dangers” of marriage for men, often painting it as a one-way ticket to financial ruin and emotional despair. Such a hopeless romantic, that one. But in spite of all that, relationships with women seem to live rent-free in his head; he can’t seem to keep them off his mind, can he?

And let’s not sweep under the rug his rather, shall we say, laissez-faire approach to fatherhood. Tate has alluded to—more than once—that he’s fathered many children (around ten)  with multiple women. No rings, no vows, just a growing brood that could give any soap opera a run for its money. It’s like he’s trying to single handedly redefine the modern family, one baby mama at a time.

The Reality of Being Mrs. Tate: A Complicated Affair

Now, it’s worth diving into what this means for any woman considering a serious relationship with him. If the implications are true—that he has multiple children with multiple women—then any future Mrs. Tate would have to reconcile with a rather inconvenient truth. She would forever be sharing not just his heart, but also his time and resources with an array of other families.

Think about it. Loyalty isn’t just about not cheating; it’s about being fully present and committed to one family. And let’s face it, Tate’s attention will always be divided. He can never be the husband that a woman truly deserves because he’s already committed—whether he likes it or not—to multiple other families. It’s like expecting a man to serve two masters; it just doesn’t work.

Also, let’s not overlook the elephant in the room: his current lifestyle hardly suggests that he’s a hands-on father. Between creating content and social media, managing multiple businesses, and trying to stay out of prison—where does fatherhood fit into this whirlwind life? The reality is, if he’s not fully present for his existing children, what makes anyone think he’d be present in a future marriage? An absentee father rarely makes for an attentive husband. So, even if he dons a tuxedo and says ‘I do,’ the reality is that he’s already said ‘I do’ to a complicated web of responsibilities that extend far beyond any future marital vows.

Given all this, it’s fascinating that Tate chose to sit down with Candace Owens, a woman who champions traditional family values. It’s hard to shake the feeling that Tate was pandering during this interview. It’s almost as if he was serving up exactly what he thought Owens—and her audience—wanted to hear. Given that he’s still currently under investigation, one can’t help but wonder if this is also a strategic move for some good old fashioned damage control. It’s almost as if he’s trying to swap his bad boy hat for a halo, at least for now.

The Complexity of Change

The question remains, can people really change? It’s a tough call, especially when you’ve built a brand on being a certain way. And let’s not forget, this is a man who’s made a career out of looking out for number one. Given Tate’s history, women have every reason to wonder if they’ll be just another chapter in the Book of Tate.

And while we’re on the subject, let’s talk about the glaring double standard in society. Women are often criticized, sometimes ruthlessly, for their pasts—especially when it comes to sexual history. Tate himself has been vocal about the “importance” of men seeking virgins or women with a low body count for committed relationships. Ah, the irony. So why should women turn the other cheek now that he’s trying to pull the “I’ve sowed my wild oats, now let’s play house” maneuver? Why should they trust a man who’s been so unapologetically self-centered?

Can a tiger really ever change his stripes? In the context of Andrew Tate, the jury’s still out.

What Does the Future Hold?

Can he become the next Bachelor, handing out roses like he hands out unsolicited basic life advice? Or maybe he’ll grace us with a new course, “How to Navigate Marriage Like a Top G,” because clearly, he’s the authority we’ve all been waiting for.

Who will be the “lucky” damsel swept off her feet by his sudden, and possibly fleeting, perspective on commitment?  Given Tate’s, let’s say, vibrant relationship history and the cloud of criminal investigations, the list of potential romantic candidates might read like a casting call for a reality TV show you’d only watch in secret. It’s like “Who Wants to Marry a Multi-Millionaire?” but with more baggage and probably a confidentiality agreement.

Is his newfound matrimonial curiosity genuine, or just another smokescreen to keep conservatives nodding along? Can a man who’s built a brand on sexual degeneracy and marriage skepticism suddenly become its most unlikely cheerleader?

As we wonder, let’s not forget that this isn’t just about one man’s potential transformation. Tate represents a certain archetype of man—those who are bossy, manipulative, and often self serving. The questions we’ve raised here aren’t just applicable to him but to any man who fits this description. This is a conversation that extends far beyond him.

So, as the next chapter in his saga unfolds, a word to the wise for women: When it comes to men like Andrew, proceed with caution. Because while tigers might not change their stripes, they’re excellent at adapting their hunting strategies.

Until next time,

Ash Pariseau


  1. Tate was also interviewed by Tucker Carlson lately; I think that he’s trying to position himself as some ‘traditionalist’ male being persecuted by the ‘woke’ Government of Romania (which is pretty laughable too; it’s not like Romania hasn’t a fairly traditional culture). He’s always been a con-man who’s preyed on vulnerable men just as ruthlessly as he’s preyed on women. Worse still, he’s a malignant narcissist, and I can’t imagine that a marriage with him would be anything but a hell for his wife and kids. Look at Owen Benjamin’s family to get an idea of what their future would look like.

    • Well put! I believe he’s also trying hard to position himself as anti-hero, a self fulfilling prophesy. I can’t believe how so many people don’t see the con-man, the narcissist, and the control freak. “But he gives good life advice.” As if that makes up for his shortcomings. Although, I do think (I hope) more people are waking up.

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