Should Men Still Pay for Dates, or Is It Time to Split the Bill?

In today’s swipe right, left-on-read dating culture, who foots the bill at the end of a date seems to be a hot topic that just won’t quit. Venture into any social media platform, and you’ll likely stumble upon a heated debate about dating etiquette. It’s a discussion that spans generations, with opinions often as varied as the newest dating apps on your phone.

But here’s the question… Should men still be the ones reaching for the check, or is it high time we start going 50/50?

It’s interesting to see how perspectives on this have shifted over time. Traditionally, it was almost a given that if a man asked you out, he was also picking up the tab. This norm has been both a gesture of courtesy and an unspoken signal of interest and investment. But let’s face it, the dating scene has evolved tremendously. With more discussions about equality and fairness in relationships, the dynamics of who pays have also started to shift.

I think there’s something to be said for a guy who takes the initiative to ask someone out and then follows through by handling the bill. It’s a classy move, in my opinion. But hey, that’s just a drop in the ocean of opinions out there. I might do a deep dive in the near future about this one, but until then, I want to know what readers think.

Is it outdated for men to always cover the date, especially when they’re the ones who initiate? Or does splitting the bill make more sense in our current social climate? Let me know your thoughts in the comments.

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Ash Pariseau

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  1. It definitely is outdated. Women didn’t date around like they do now. If you went on a date you were pretty much already in a relationship. Now a woman could go on a date with a different man every day of the week with no intention of wanting something serious. Plus in the old days women didn’t really work, so men paid out of necessity.

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