How Passport Bros Are Falling Prey to Fatal Romance Scams

Passport bros claim they’re escaping a western dating scene filled with selfishness and manipulation, as they jet off overseas looking for something better and more traditional. But what’s actually happening is often a very different story.  I stumbled upon one such story in Evie magazine.

Minnesota’s own comedian, Tou Ger Xiong, who, like many others, succumbed to the allure of Medellín, Colombia, a city known for its startup scene and digital nomad visas. By day, a stock trader. By night, a fine diner and dance club aficionado. Sounds like the dream, right? But as the old saying goes, “All that glitters is not gold.”

Sadly, Xiong’s Colombian escapade ended in tragedy. Just hours after a date, he was kidnapped, and later, his life was brutally cut short. His story, as reported by WSJ, is a grim reminder of the darker side of international dating. And he wasn’t alone. At least eight Americans met similar fates in Medellín in just two months, victims of robbery and violence, often following encounters with local women via dating apps.

The Dark Side of International Romance

These passport bros are disillusioned with what they perceive as the pitfalls of American dating, so they travel overseas in search of something “better”. But as the stories from Colombia painfully illustrate, the grass isn’t always greener on the other side.

We all know how the allure of exotic locations and the promise of uncomplicated romance can be intoxicating. Yet, it seems that some of these men, in an effort to avoid what they consider as selfish, manipulative American women, have found themselves in far more dangerous waters. In an unfortunate plot twist, they are falling prey to the very things they sought to avoid… manipulation and exploitation, but now with sometimes fatal consequences. It’s hard not to notice the irony of it all.

A man named Carlos, as also mentioned in Evie, was another American in Colombia, who woke up after a seemingly innocent date to find his belongings, including his and his kids’ passports, gone. This is yet another example of the risks involved in these overseas romantic escapades.

The U.S. Embassy has even issued a warning to Americans to be cautious when meeting people online or through dating apps, even though it should be a remedial reminder. It’s no secret that  predators exist online. They are proactively targeting men, luring them with the promise of drug fueled parties and sexual encounters. The city of Medellín was once lauded as a paradise. But it’s since become a hunting ground for criminals preying on American men looking for love.

A Reality Check on The Mirage of Exotic Love

Sure, the American dating scene has its flaws, and no one is denying that. But venturing into unknown territory with a revenge fantasy against American women and a romanticized notion of foreign dating can be dangerously naïve. The tragic experiences of Xiong and others only goes to show that caution and common sense should never be left behind when crossing borders.

The flashy lifestyle posts, the Tinder and Bumble adventures are all fueling the fantasy. But there’s a dark reality to these glamorous stories. Accounts of druggings, robberies, and exploitation are increasingly surfacing.

I could be crazy here, but maybe the problem isn’t just modern American dating, but also the individual’s approach to dating itself. Real romantic connections require a lot more than just a passport and a plane ticket. It demands respect, understanding, and a healthy dose of caution, regardless of where in the world you are.

Is the search for love overseas really a mission for something better? Or is it just an escape from facing the truth about their role in relationships back home? It might be time for passport bros to look inward before blindly falling into traps in far off places.

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Ash Pariseau


  1. Good article. I think that unless a guy has either strong ethnic ties to a foreign country or has lived there, it’s not a good idea. It’s noteworthy how many of the ‘influencers’ promoting these adventures (e.g. Andrew Tate, Gonzalo Lira) have wound up in jail overseas.

    Granted, the American dating scene is hardly a pleasant experience for most single men, but in reality going overseas to escape it is like going abroad to look for a job or career. It’s better to stay on your home territory and try to understand the problems and work around or through them.

    • You nailed the sentiment I was going for here,. thank you It’s sad that men have lost their lives, but I hope it serves as a warning to others who flippantly believe a passport is the key to all their dating problems.

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