Are you a woman looking harness your feminine power and build the love life you want and deserve?

Are you stuck in the “nice girl syndrome” that continually gets you played, taken advantage of, and disrespected?

Do you wonder where all the good men have gone because you only seem to find noncommittal, emotionally unavailable, or toxic personalities?

Are you finally ready to get rid of miserable, turbulent relationships and instead create happy, healthy, and long lasting connections with the held of a dedicated relationship coach?

As a relationship coach and consultant, I help you...

  • Adopt an abundance mindset when dating
  • Effectively qualify men for long term relationships
  • Explore and build realistic standards
  • Strike a balance between feminine and masculine energy
  • Troubleshoot conflicts
  • Recognize red flags, green flags, how to evaluate behavior, attitude, & personality
  • Become valued, respected, & loved in relationships
  • Build and maintain attraction 
  • Create and establish boundaries
  • Break down the bs narratives and limiting beliefs holding them back

A woman of worth is mindful, highly selective, and very intentional about the people she allows into her life. She attracts quality individuals and refuses to settle for less.

What this consulting is...

  • A collaboration to help you reach an attainable goal
  • Challenges you to think in new ways 
  • Setting the goal, create a plan, take action
  • Holding yourself accountable for results
  • Personal, deep, transformative work
  • Most effective over a long term period

What this consulting is not...

  • A substitute for therapy  
  • Me doing the work for you and telling you how to live your life
  • Telling you what you want to hear
  • Enabling you in a victim narrative 
  • Validating your excuses
  • Making me responsible for your outcomes

Packages & Investment

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Frequently Asked Questions

Empower Your Love Life: As a relationship coach for women, I understand the unique challenges and experiences that women face in the dating world. I’m here to help you navigate these challenges and empower your love life.

Build Healthy Relationships: Through relationship coaching, you’ll learn how to build healthy, fulfilling relationships. You’ll gain the tools and insights needed to attract and maintain a relationship with a partner who respects and values you.

Improve Self-Esteem: Relationship coaching isn’t just about dating—it’s also about improving your self-esteem and self-worth. You’ll learn to value yourself and understand that you deserve a healthy, happy relationship.

Develop Emotional Intelligence: Emotional intelligence is key to successful relationships. Through relationship coaching, you’ll learn how to better understand your own emotions and those of others, leading to deeper, more meaningful connections.

Create Balance: Striking a balance between your personal life, career, and relationships can be challenging. As a relationship coach, I can help you find this balance, ensuring that no area of your life is neglected.

Invest in Your Future: By choosing relationship coaching, you’re making an investment in your future. The skills and insights you gain will benefit you not only in your current relationships but in all future relationships as well.

Remember, relationship coaching is not a quick fix—it’s a journey. But with dedication and commitment, you can transform your love life and build the relationships you’ve always dreamed of.

Yes. A payment arrangement may be able to be be made, if necessary. 

I accept PayPal and Stripe. If you prefer another payment type, let me know and we might be able to work something out. 

I operate under a no-refund policy. Though, if there is a reason you cannot continue with the coaching agreement already in progress, let me know and an arrangement may be able to be made.

First, I would recommend reading everything on the main consulting page and making a judgement call for yourself whether or not you think I can help you. 

If you think I can help you, you’ll need to fill out the client questionnaire and be as detailed as you need to be. This questionnaire helps me understand where you’re at and decide if I think we’re a good fit to work together. 

Once you have submitted the questionnaire and I think we might be a good fit, you’ll get an email from me within 3-5 business days with a Calendly link on booking a FREE strategy call via Zoom video or audio. This call will likely run between 30-45 mins, depending on the situation. 

During the strategy call, I’ll give you more detail about who I am and what I do, and I’ll also get more information about your specific dating / relationship challenge. You’ll also have the chance to ask me any questions you have before we move forward in the process. 

By the end of the strategy call, if we’re both feeling good about working together, I’ll give you more info on the agreement form and how to process payment. 

Once the agreement has been signed and payment has been processed, you’ll received a New Client Welcome Packet via email for your review, and then you can set up your first official coaching session with me.  

Sure.  While I focus mostly on working with women, I will coach men if it is determined they are a good fit.

Not at this time. I work with individuals for now, but coaching couples may be something I am open to in the future. 

First, you should know that  the coaching industry isn’t yet regulated by the government, so I recommend doing your homework. There are many people who may call themselves a dating and relationship coach, but few have professional training or credentials as a coach.

I’ve earned a certification through a program accredited by the International Coaching Federation, and I’m always practicing and working to improve on how I support and give value to my clients. 

I’ve dedicated seven years as a writer focusing on dating and relationship topics, and spent ten years independently studying relationship dynamics between men and women.

I’ve also been successful in sustaining my own current relationship with my man for the last 15 years, since 2007. 



Good question. The advice I offer in blog posts primarily gives you the What and the Why of a particular topic. In my consulting sessions, I’ll walk you through on the How. 

For example, if I have a post titled “10 Boundaries to Set in a New Relationship,” that tells you what with the what being the boundaries. But if you want to know HOW to set those boundaries and do so in a way that is honored, that requires time with a mentor or coach in order to implement well.  

The Academy of Creative Coaching as of October 2021, specialty in relationships. The ACC is a kickass program accredited by the International Coaching Federation (ICF).