Are you a woman looking harness your feminine power and build the love life you want and deserve?

Are you stuck in the “nice girl syndrome” that continually gets you played, taken advantage of, and disrespected?

Do you wonder where all the good men have gone because you only seem to find noncommittal, emotionally unavailable, or toxic personalities?

Are you finally ready to get rid of miserable, turbulent relationships and instead create happy, healthy, and long lasting connections?

I help women...

  • Adopt an abundance mindset when dating
  • Effectively qualify men for long term relationships
  • Explore and build realistic standards
  • Strike a balance between masculine & feminine energy, discovering their true feminine power
  • Troubleshoot conflicts
  • Recognize red flags, green flags, how to evaluate behavior, attitude, & personality
  • Become valued, respected, & loved in relationships
  • Build and maintain attraction 
  • Create and establish boundaries
  • Break down the bs narratives and limiting beliefs holding them back

A woman of worth is mindful, highly selective, and very intentional about the people she allows into her life. She attracts quality individuals and refuses to settle for less.

What this consulting is...

  • A collaboration to help you reach an attainable goal
  • Challenges you to think in new ways 
  • Setting the goal, create a plan, take action
  • Holding yourself accountable for results
  • Personal, deep, transformative work
  • Most effective over a long term period

What this consulting is not...

  • A substitute for therapy  
  • Me doing the work for you and telling you how to live your life
  • Telling you what you want to hear
  • Enabling you in a victim narrative 
  • Validating your excuses
  • Making me responsible for your outcomes

Packages & Investment

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Ash helped put my situation into perspective. Through working with her, I realized things wouldn't changes until I started taking different actions. After a few sessions, things definitely started to improve.
Ally S.
Veterinary Assistant