Qualities Of The Fearlessly Authentic Modern Woman

Qualities Of The Fearlessly Authentic Modern Woman

Authenticity is knowing who you are and having the audacity to live it. It is a practice to be learned – of letting go of who we think we are supposed to be and becoming brave enough to be true to who we actually are. It requires mindfulness, agility, and transparency.

Women who cultivate a life of authenticity are fearless and increasingly emerging from the underground of what was once expected.

They dare to exist on their own terms and wouldn’t think for a second of trading that for the approval of anyone else.

With these qualities, there is nothing more remarkable than a woman who is confidently living her authentic truth.

She is unapologetically honest.

The authentic woman isn’t afraid to be honest or express her opinion. She speaks her mind boldly but with intellect. She refuses to silence her voice for someone else’s comfort. This type of woman makes it her business to be heard and understood. She stands firm in her convictions, even if it means standing alone.

She takes pride in her uniqueness.

A woman is authentic when she embraces the characteristics that set her apart from the majority. She drives the force of her own unique spirit. She understands that the things that make a woman rare are the things that make her divine.

She is undeniably intuitive.

A woman of authenticity is a full force of insight and intuition. She doesn’t apply the advice from others unless she first consults the guide from within. A woman’s instinctive nature is its own kind of built-in bullshit detector. She can read people like a cheap paperback novel and sense the game before it is even played.

Her power comes from within.

The authentic woman is driven internally rather than from external triggers. She generates strength from within and then expresses it outwardly in order to give value to the world.

She is self-aware.

The authentic woman knows that self-awareness is the key is self-mastery. She is fully conscious of her thoughts, emotions, and behaviors. Being as reflective as she is, when she makes a mistake, she learns from it, takes corrective action, and moves on. Not only does she know her truth, but she will help you see your own. She understands that when you know yourself, you are empowered to be your best self.

She lives true to her values, intuitions, and priorities.

A woman of authenticity is loyal to her principles and solid in living the journey on her own path. She isn’t easily influenced by others and she refuses to compromise on her values, boundaries, and priorities.

She strives for refinement, not perfection.

The authentic woman recognizes that perfection isn’t possible. She works towards self-evolution in all areas of the mind, body, and spirit. She knows that personal growth is essential for positive change.

She takes authority over her own life.

A woman of authenticity knows that she decides her place in life and society. She realizes that no one has power over her as she sets the paces and lives according to her own schedule. She takes first in command of her destiny and accepts that the choices she makes are hers and hers alone.

She prefers to have genuine connections.

A woman who is authentic chooses to be around those with honest energy. She focuses on establishing long-lasting relationships with people of genuine intention. She isn’t interested in those who might be selfish or opportunistic and only want to use her for their own personal gain.

She is present.

The authentic woman has developed the skill of living for the moment. She doesn’t worry about regrets, mistakes, or failures. Refusing to be a victim of time, she doesn’t dwell on the past or stress over the future. Her concentration is on seizing each moment and making it count. She is fully engaged, giving her undivided attention to the people she is with and savoring the time that is now.



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— Ash Pariseau


  1. I like this!

    I have a cousin. mid-40s, who I recently reconnected with. You could have used her as a poster-child for this.

    I asked her how she was able to pull off her lifestyle. She said an aunt left her enough money to allow her to do what she wanted, at least for awhile. She could take or decline jobs solely on their appeal and if they fit her schedule. I think it was only recently that she got her first fixed address in a decade and I think she said she broke down and bought a car. When it comes to mass transit, LA isn’t NYC.

    My 22yr old daughter sees her cousin as a role model. Her mother sees my cousin as a “threat to good order and discipline.”

      • Thank you!

        I’m glad you like them. Life can be pretty interesting. It’s funny what you remember about the people that you become involved with. I haven’t seen the woman I dated in college for 40 years. We didn’t stay in touch and I can’t find her on social media. Given what she was into, it wouldn’t surprise me to learn she died, likely by some form of misadventure.

        She had a delightfully wry sense of humor tinged with a cynicism usually found in a much older person. She could make the most mundane things interesting.

        We had a spring formal. It was one of those “rubber chicken” social events you’re expected to attend. I asked her if she wanted to go. She said she’d never been to one but she was game. I told her not to expect much. She asked how she should dress. I told her dress like the Prom. She said that didn’t help.

        I saw her a few days later. She said, “You’ve made my mother a very happy woman.” I asked why? She said her mother never thought she would see her daughter in a formal dress. The girl added. “I think she’s been waiting her whole life for this. I’ve been told we’re (emphasis on “we’re”) going dress shopping on Saturday. Mom can’t wait.”

        I asked her how the dress shopping went. She said much better than she was expecting but…

        “Mom made me wear underwear.”

        I called her parents’ house once and her mother answered. Her mom said she’d heard so much about me, would have liked to have met me, and wished me in my Naval career.

        I used to play Dungeons & Dragons in college. She said she was going home for the weekend. I was playing D&D with the guys Saturday night and she came cruising into the room. The appearance of an attractive 5’9″ blonde in that room full of geeks was enough to shut the place down and it did.

        I asked what she was doing here since she said she was going home for the weekend. She said she was bored and decided to come back early. She said, “Let’s go out for a drink.” I told her, only half joking, that I was the only mage in the group and we’d just started. I asked if she could come back in an hour.

        She walked over to me, bent over, stuck her face about an inch from mine. and said, “I’ll make it worth your while.” Without skipping a beat, the DM said, “Scharnhorst finds himself back in the Inn.”

        We left and she did.

  2. Hello, I don’t really know where to post, I need help.

    He played me to get his ex girlfriend who dumped him jealous. I didn’t know I was naive. He took my virginity and dumped me just after (he broke my hymen in his car and when it bleeds he stops, said “that is done” and left). I was inexperienced so I didn’t know what are the red flags or anything. I regret.

    (he’s 31 years old he is now married with 2 kids) It was 8 years ago but everytime he sees me he laughs at me with his friends, I don’t know why? it feels like he is bullying me. And I am not a mean person, i never took revenge or talk bad, it hurt me so bad i never dated again. but he says to everybody i am a whore, how is it possible if i am 27 and was only with him and it was just one time (not even a real one just one penetration) ? I am lost i don’t understand.

    Why is he always laughing and smiling at me? I even saw him smile when he saw my parents in a shop last month, it is strange.

    And most importantly how should I react to this situation when it happens? What should I do to make him stop? he makes me a bad reputation, it’s bullying and it hurts me.

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