September 30, 2023
Relationship Management

Yes, You DO Have Something To Offer

  Back in early 2015, I published an article for Thought Catalog that introduces the question, Ladies, What Do You Have To Offer In Your Relationships? I wrote that one because I wanted to inspire younger women to start thinking about what they bring to the table in their relationships

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Battered Spouse Syndrome: Why Victims Don’t Leave

[In honor of October being Domestic Violence Awareness Month, I thought I would share an article I originally had published for Thought Catalog.] When it comes to the issue of domestic abuse, there seems to be a certain popular opinion, and it usually goes something like, Yeah that guy is

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Thought Catalog Article
Inner Work

What Losing My Mom Taught Me About Life And Love

I recently decided to publish one of my most personal stories on Thought Catalog. While it doesn’t directly deal with dating or romantic relationships, it is still concerning matters of the heart. You might find it uplifting. Click the image to read the full article. One thing I have come

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Relationship Management

Don’t Be A Wife When He Isn’t Your Husband

I recently came across a message from a young woman who is frustrated with her boyfriend’s attitude about marriage. She writes, I’ve been with my boyfriend for almost four years. Things were going really well for the first year so we agreed to live together.  After about a year of

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Lzzy Hale – Short Hair, Don’t Care

The other day, I read a long twitter rant from a man who was outraged at how so many modern women are daring to cut their hair short. Basically, he was saying that almost all women with short hair look unattractive and unfeminine and if these women want to increase

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Relationship Management

Never Allow Anyone To Meddle In Your Relationship

When you come into a long term relationship, you’ll have a tendency to include your significant other in  conversations you have with your family, friends, coworkers, etc. These people who take a personal interest in your life will naturally ask you about your relationship. They’ll ask you about who he

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